Michael Strahan should widen his tooth-gap

strahanWe all know Michael Strahan’s unassuming charm is due, in large part, to his diastema.

I offer that his popularity would increase if he capitalized on this and increased it’s prominence. Ladies get fake tits, Mike, you can do some elective dentistry.

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Chris Christie: Unfit for Office/His Pants

Chris Christie is pretty fat. So that’s a good place to begin. If he wanted to stop traffic on the GWB, he could just plop himself across a few lanes and block the entirety of the outbound portals of the bridge.



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Please, @MikeFrancesaNY – write a tell-awl book

I think I speak for most of the #mongonation when I say, hey, Mike, please WRITE A TELL-AWL!

Also, please use audio dictation software and don’t let anyone edit it. I’d read it. Imagine the book tour.

mike francesa book tour

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.@MikeFrancesaNY has a gun bunkuh

mike francesa gun bunker

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