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Just doing a bit of shopping at the local book depository and found this placement apt. Tweet

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Addendum to “Bad Theology”

It’s pointless to continually link to news stories chronicling the endless hardship that religion inflicts on the planet. Each day awakes to another fit of religious fanaticism turned homicidal, the invention and consequent application of divinely inspired bigotry and other … Continue reading

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2011.03.21 The Dupp Report: Guest Dupp!

MatthewFunti.me is proud to present the first installment of possibly a continued feature: the guest blog! Many thanks to John Galvano aka @champ11228 aka It’s Da Bread on TMF.com for his contribution! Well, once again it’s that time of year … Continue reading

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Funtime Goes Cab00m!

This morning, I woke to the abrupt sound of a Twitter™ notification. Bob Mantz, of the legendary Bob’s Blitz, was on the horn informing me that a photoshop sprung from none other than my hand was the topic of conversation … Continue reading

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