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Antonin Scalia is akin to a modern day super villain

If these recent SCOTUS proceedings have shown us anything, it’s that super-villainy in all its cartoonish glory is a factor in political matters here in the ol’ US of A. Few people seem to have the utter disdain for his … Continue reading

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Enough with the guns, you freaks #tcot

Guns are bad, we shoot each other a lot in this country. We should change that as soon as possible. Tweet

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Barack Obama: Jedi Knight, Savior of Mankind

OK – he’s obviously not the savior of mankind and I’ll have to check on his midi-chlorian count to come to a conclusion about the Jedi bit – but regardless, the whole situation is like that hologram in the beginning … Continue reading

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Vetting the Candidate: @MittRomney

All this ridiculous talk about which Republican drone will capture the precious VP slot on the Romney ticket has my head spinning. Of the people being discussed, they all seem quite capable of co-piloting this nation directly unto its ultimate … Continue reading

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