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Big day for Zombie fans (and Christians…)

Jesus is scheduled to return (again, but not really.. or something..?) this Sunday! Bless our amazing ability to believe absurd stuff. Hallelujah Tweet

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Rick Santorum is Insane

Rick Santorum is a lunatic. Every time you see this miserable miscreant on TV, he is unleashing another barrage of utterly ridiculous and offensive lines of nonthought. The fact that this Saturday Night Live caricature is considered a serious candidate … Continue reading

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Jesus Tattoo Demo

Here’s a little ditty I’m working on. Pardon the sour notes but definitely stick around for the plagal cadence. I ask myself, do I love the Lord enough? Am I a good Christian doing good Christian stuff? I go to … Continue reading

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Just doing a bit of shopping at the local book depository and found this placement apt. Tweet

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