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New Pope: Jerry Sandusky

This one is for my buddy MJK who rightfully and deservedly abhors Catholicism. Also this: http://matthewfunti.me/archives/1344 and this: http://matthewfunti.me/archives/1258 Sorry about the massive watermark. We all know what that’s about. Tweet

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Just doing a bit of shopping at the local book depository and found this placement apt. Tweet

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Mike Francesa: Dupp Mobile Rides Again

@Brian Mortensen project idea for you: Photoshop a DuppMobile similar to the PopeMobile. Tweet

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Pedophile Hall of Fame: Class of 2011

It was a momentous day for child rapists at a Vatican ceremony earlier today. Pope Benedict, the kingpin of child molestation himself, oversaw Jerry Sandusky’s induction into the Pedophile Hall of Fame! No detestable entity does child rape quite like … Continue reading

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