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Chris Christie: Unfit for Office/His Pants

Chris Christie is pretty fat. So that’s a good place to begin. If he wanted to stop traffic on the GWB, he could just plop himself across a few lanes and block the entirety of the outbound portals of the … Continue reading

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Antonin Scalia is akin to a modern day super villain

If these recent SCOTUS proceedings have shown us anything, it’s that super-villainy in all its cartoonish glory is a factor in political matters here in the ol’ US of A. Few people seem to have the utter disdain for his … Continue reading

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Enough with the guns, you freaks #tcot

Guns are bad, we shoot each other a lot in this country. We should change that as soon as possible. Tweet

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Up with @ChrislHayes

Great show, hits the right topics and hits them hard. Keep it up Chris. Feel free to use this pic for promotion 🙂 Tweet

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