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The Best Fortune Cookie Ever

Poignant despite succinctness — at least, it is correctly spelled… Tweet

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Words on Pictures

Whoever started this meme needs to be bled out slowly while someone with a raspy, annoying voice slowly reads all the platitudes that have ever been turned into macro-graphics to them. As they lay there bleeding and dying, their last … Continue reading

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Susan Orlean “Adaptation” adaptation

Being an avid photoshop junkie, I’ve had the pleasure of crafting images and placing randomly selected people into some very interesting situations. It doesn’t get any less bizarre when I turn to photoshop self-portraits and I have made some pretty … Continue reading

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Before the holidays, I got an email from Sean Dunn with this picture attached. It was a lovely Christmas present and the the kind of thing that will inspire me to continue producing punchy pixel parodies! Thanks Sean! Tweet

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