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Contemporary Musings from the General Public

This is a wild exchange that I was made privy to due to the majesty of social media. I’ve blocked out all the names and faces to protect the guilty (not sure why), but the comments are presented unedited. There … Continue reading

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Matthew Funtime also performs music shows:

Did you know that? In addition to the photoshops of Mike Francesa and the sacrilegious blathering, I also play guitar, piano, mandolin, marimba, drums, bass guitar.. etc  – I’m going to start playing in the NY metro are pretty soon, … Continue reading

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Paula Deen is a disgusting person

Paula Deen is more or less a symbol for everything that is wrong with this formerly amazing country. An entitled, overfed, obese, spoiled, butter-soaked, racist dim-wit. Fuck her. Tweet

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.@DaveRaz made these….

Whatever this is — my brother Dave thought it up. I often get photoshop suggestions. Some are too ridiculous to pass up. So, credit Dave with the assist. Also, credit Dave with the assist here. This is his brand new … Continue reading

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