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.@DaveRaz made these….

Whatever this is — my brother Dave thought it up. I often get photoshop suggestions. Some are too ridiculous to pass up. So, credit Dave with the assist. Also, credit Dave with the assist here. This is his brand new … Continue reading

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Mike Francesa actually knew Rogah Ebit ok?

Little known fact: it was Mike Francesa (at a CBS Christmas party) who originally suggested that Ebert review films professionally. Tweet

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Susan Orlean “Adaptation” adaptation

Being an avid photoshop junkie, I’ve had the pleasure of crafting images and placing randomly selected people into some very interesting situations. It doesn’t get any less bizarre when I turn to photoshop self-portraits and I have made some pretty … Continue reading

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2011.05.24 – Saturnalia

Best Legal Defense Ever? Laurell Smith did not intend to kill Kevin Williams when he stabbed him in the abdomen in September on North Avenue This murder occurred about a mile from where I went to high school. Smith gutted … Continue reading

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