Rick Warren is full of shit

“God intentionally allows you to go through painful experiences to equip you for ministry to others.”

Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life


So kind of the Lord to bless Rick’s son with lifelong mental illness and eventually see to it, in his all-knowing benevolence, to have the kid take his own life.

That Christian god is a real loving deity.

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4 comments on “Rick Warren is full of shit

  1. Yarko on said:

    I read that Rick twittered something like “God doesn’t give us anything that we aren’t equipped to handle.” I would argue that the existence of suicide proves that unverifiable theory wrong.

    • jack Mari-Surrette on said:

      Suicide doesn’t MEAN he had too much than he could handle. I do not know this man, nor do I know his life or his son’s life.

      But I do know suicide, and the common words Spoken by Every Single Person I’ve ever heard speak of after Attempting a Real not-for-attention but-for-all-the-marbles suicide attempt had this same point they wanted to share:

      One guy who is one out of about 8 or so people to jump from a particular city bridge and Live, had the following to say (and again, this is what I myself have personaly heard over and over again from those who truly chose Death as the way ‘out’ of their misery but some how failed….
      In almost one continuosly fluid motion he went up and over the metal railing and down onto the concrete-water many, many stories below.
      This is the part that got me though, and the part that I hear repeated over and over again by those who have survived such attempts.
      The very moment his finger tips let go of the railing, the exact point when there was no going back a revelation rushed up to him. That he didn’t have to do this. He would have been alright given time to mourn and what seemed just a nano-second ago to be the end of the world as he could live it – He’d been wrong. He had made a huge mistake, one he would take back if he only could.

      He did not die – If I’m not mistaken he is now wheel chair bound, but he is not bitter because he is still alive when most would not be. Listening to him tell it I myself could ‘feel’ it almost, that moment when he let go – and KNEW without ANY doubt that it was a mistake – but he’d already let go. Ahhh! And there are women as well and men of different methods chosen who now live despite their best efforts not to, all had that same realization and at the exact moment there was no turning back.

      Suicide is exactly as the cliche states it is: A permanent solution to a temporary problem. This is one reason I despise the mentally ill and/or gun owners who leave their guns unlocked and out, Especially when they know they live with someone who is depressed or is ill or gone through some terrible trauma or experience. Once that trigger is pulled, unless you forgot the bullets – there is no “Oh No!” time. No changing-your-mind time. If you use a knife and see the blood pouring into the bath tub, there is a ‘chance’ to put pressure on it and get help. But a gunshot to the head/in the mouth? Not really. Although on occassion they wake up in the hospital too, but I haven’t heard the stopries of one of them. Only those who let go of the railing, who jumped and between the air and the ground they are enlightened.

      So don’t take suicide as a way to show that People do sometimes Get way more than they can handle.
      It’s more they get more than they THINK they can handle. That’s when they need you, me, specialists – help. Not everyone can wait for that too-late-to-turn-back moment of e3nlightenment. For mnost of them will die with their newly learned knowledge, as sad as that sounds.

      2. and to point to suicide – or mental illnesses – or any illnesses for that matter as proof that God if He even exists is Not a loving deity. I’m sorry but that is a leap a child will make. If you are not a young child, remember the following story that happened in the 1960’s. In Boston, MA I believe it was (My Mother told me about it when I was growing up, and later I saw a detailed axccount of the evcents, or lack of them in documentary form.
      A woman while being beaten and raped somehow broke loose from the man. She made it to a street Full of apartments with many windows open due to the warm weather. So she began scream for help. For anybody to help her. Bleeding, barely able to keep moving she found one building without a security gate and raced inside. She knocked on every door – clearly bleeding and hurt – She knocked on dozens of doors, no one would open their door. No one even caqlled for the police since they assumed another person had already called. This went for a while. The rapist finaqlly caught up with her and stabbed her to death in that building.
      She had HAD close to or over 20 minutes in which he was not in sight. and in all that time which must have felt like hours, not one man, nor woman nor manager – no one opened their door and pulled her inside, nor called for the police for help. Not until she’d been dead and the bloodied man had now left the premises did they make a phone call.

      So it was God who did not hear the poor woman’s cries? It was God who didn’t care? She Got Away from him! Made it to a building with floors of people inside – They heard her – they ALL heard her they’d later say. They’d later also say that no they did not make any phone calls since assuredly calls had been placed by others.

      Those people every single one who went to their door and peaked out and saw her – and did nothing.
      THEY are the ones to blame.

      And I will leave this as my Last word on the subject of God and Does He exist and if so would He even care about us no bodies.
      I was 20 years oldsitting in my car listening to music. I was content. Had no where to go no where to be and so I was smoking a few cigarettes and enjoying the music. Then I heard a voice of some kind. No actual ‘real sound’ of a voice, but like a thought that didn’t seem like mine. For out of the blue I get this feeling – this no doubt about it ‘request’ to go to The Church. I was 1/2 a block away – if that far! But I didn’t feel like praying! So i said aww no not now… don’t feel like praying now. So I didn’t go. I didn;t move. Then every so often that ‘feeling’ that I should go to The Church washed through me again. and again. and every7 time I ignored it or just said To God, for who else would be pushing at me – no.
      Finally after quyite some time had passed from the first ‘nudge’ – c,lose to an hour and a half had gone by and another feeling I shoulf go to The Church – I actually said outloud “fine!” “I’ll go you happy” I sounded like a 6 year old brat. I thought God had wanted me to go pray a Rosary or some long prayer. So I had been resisting. We always have a choice though. So FINALLY I make a U-Turn and pull right up to the front of The Church.
      And there in the 95 degree weather stood an elderly woman. She might have been the same age as the weather! Looking very pale, sweaty. There wasn’t any shade at all on this side, and she was swaying a bit. Clearly she was in trouble. I get out of the car and say “Mam may I help you?” and she says to me: “Oh yes thank The Lord! My son was supposed to pick me up a while ago but he never came. Sometimes he gets busy. I was asking God to send someone to bring me home, I can barely stand any longer it is so terribly warm out here… Thank You SO Much yes yes O thank you for stopping to ask me. Thank You!”

      So.. for close to TWO HOURS this dear old lady had been praying for God to send some help – her son – and then anybody after she started to feel faint and the beginning most likely of heat stroke. But God doesn’t MAKE US DO Anything. He only asks. And we either say yes. or we say no. Sometimes with words or just by actions He gets the answer. If I had just gone to The Church when He first ‘asked’ in the way that God Asks things of us, she wouldn’t be this on-the-verge-of-delerium by the time I arrived! We do NOT know the for what or whys – We need only to Do. Somewhere within I KNEW what God wanted from me and I said no. And who suffered? That lovely woman. WE are His hands, The prayers answered that others ask in despair. Don’t forget that sometimes the quiet little voice that nudges us to take whatever it is into work today – and we can’t think of ANY reason we would need that particular thing – later will pop up some crazy unforeseen event where that One Odd Item is just what was needed to save the day – or even just make it a bit easier for you or somebody else.

      We are Not Puppets. God will Always give us a Choice to say Yes or No. But since we are well, who we are in comparrison, it might be a good idea to say Yes. And by the way: Do some Real Studying of The Church and God from Real Legitimate sources.

      This is a simple test to see if YOUR Information, the information you’ve been USING to decide about God’s existence and Church, The Pope, ect ect:
      Ask Yourself: What IS The Immaculate Conception?
      B/c most people – even people IN The RC Church just took what they heard non-members say and never bothered to check on it for themselves.
      HINT: Has Zero to do with Jesus’ Conception or Birth.
      really! and yet ask 100 people and 91 will say it does!~ Just one example of how people assume they know certain things b/c well what else would it refer too? Look it up and let me know if you knew that’s what that term REALLY means by those who Used The Term for centuries.

      Peace and Truth be with us all, and may we treat others with Mercy and Kindness – if you want to know IF The Bible and/or God Really Exists? Follow God’s own Word to see IF It IS God’s Word or not. pretty simple yes?
      Word Says: KLnock and The Dopor (to Him) shall be opened onto you… Seek and you shall find. So if you Sincerely Search for The Truth, I’d say “God if you really exist, and do indeed love me, please let me know.” “I am knocking, you said if I knock you shall open the door”.
      And so what’s the worst that could happen? It isn’t like you’ve NEVER Talked to yourself BEFORE, right?! (joke, but we all have and do)
      amen. < Which translates (appropriately) to: 'let it be'… So let's let The Truth Be. And May None of us Ever Fear The Truth. Not Christians, not non-believers. Every man and woman should Seek To Know the Truth, otherwise what's the point here, you know what i mean?

      alright then.
      peace to everyone.
      – *Sadly… Mercy is under-rated these days*

      p.s. it is so very late, plesase i hope you will excuse my typose and/or grammar errors. I just wanted to put this out there before my head hit the keyboard as the sun goes up and I've yet to get any sleep.
      thanks. 🙂

  2. Completely agree with you because, let’s face it, anything calling itself ‘god’ with a tribe of followers comprising less IQ between them than the entire bus load of tourists that just left town, really isn’t cool anymore.

    It’s all become so excruciatingly dull and old hat….

    • Jack Joe on said:

      2. see above – forgive how it goes oooooooon so looooooong. again, i just wanted to reply to the both of you – i hope you will have the time to read it.

      peace be with you both.

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