Vetting the Candidate: @MittRomney

All this ridiculous talk about which Republican drone will capture the precious VP slot on the Romney ticket has my head spinning. Of the people being discussed, they all seem quite capable of co-piloting this nation directly unto its ultimate demise.

PhotobucketRegardless, the fact of the matter is this: whomever nails down the coveted vice-presidential spot will be playing second fiddle to a plutocratic liar who believes in magic underwear.

Incredulous Mormonism aside, Mitt’s platform is built on a system that has proven effective only for rich jerks like himself. Well, that is on the issues he has a firm position on.

Everything else he talks about is a greasy deceptive non-position that allows him to squirm back and forth dependent upon which side currently has the sway.

On the one hand, he’s a ruthless cutthroat business man eager to rip away your pension – on the other, he’s a gutless, plastic worm pandering to anyone naive enough to listen.


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2 comments on “Vetting the Candidate: @MittRomney

  1. Marty on said:

    And yet, he’d still be 1000x better than Obama

  2. Bob Tourker on said:

    “Ultimate Demise”??? And where the fuck are we headed now idiot?? The world doesnt revolve around what NorthEast elitest liberal pigs think is best, and i grew up in NYC……….What a great job your guy did since getting elected eh?? Elected the guy because he spoke well……..awesome….as our country crumbles around him…..Get out, dont let the door hit u in the ass on the way out either…….

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