Some t00nz

My dear friend and musical collaborator A. Louis Perone & I were horsing around one day and fiddling with some melodies and whatnot. He took some silly sentences I scribbled together and turned it into the piece embedded below using only his phone. I look forward to giving Finding Atlantis the full studio treatment with live piano and an over-the-top guitar solo that would make Yngwie Malmsteen blush.

Alex’s effort inspired me to make a rough demo of a little thing I have been working on. I have some of this composition notated but am still working out some of the finer elements of this piece that I am calling simply Rondo #1 in B Major. It’s a little rough, but you get the idea. Unless the link is baroque, please have a look and listen.

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One comment on “Some t00nz

  1. daveraz on said:

    you and a. louis are def onto something with finding atlantis. work on that one man. i really think it could be great

    that piano piece sounds perfect for the holiday season. maybe it’s the next “all i want for xmas is you”

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