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This is a wild exchange that I was made privy to due to the majesty of social media.

I’ve blocked out all the names and faces to protect the guilty (not sure why), but the comments are presented unedited.

There are at least three things* that I am puzzled/confused/horrified by in this thread and I have added some visual emphasis to illustrate my point.

*not counting the insane grammar & spelling disasters throughout

First: the obvious – it’s 2015 and someone is openly lamenting the failure of the Holocaust. This really bears no further description. This person is unquestionably a defective monster. Then, an immediate endorsement from the peanut gallery.

Second:  I have only one thing to say to you ISIS

It’s not exactly clear what he means by this.

Third: the dude who shoots back seems to feel the need to tread lightly when rebuking the monster’s statements. What the hell? I highlighted the part where the guy is compelled to offer some passive affirmations that his thoughts on the subject are merely his own opinions.

This is insane and we live in some sad times.

sad stuff

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2015 Oscar / #MongoNation compendium

HRLLO copyscorsese(1) copy20141003_AmericanSniper1 copy Boyhood copy grand_budapest_hotel_lead copy interstellar-feat copy

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The Shadow of DanxTanna looms over CitiField


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Michael Strahan should widen his tooth-gap

strahanWe all know Michael Strahan’s unassuming charm is due, in large part, to his diastema.

I offer that his popularity would increase if he capitalized on this and increased it’s prominence. Ladies get fake tits, Mike, you can do some elective dentistry.

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